Small TubeTop Bag
TubeTop 2.0 Can Tube Cooler Bag
TubeTop 2.0 Can Tube Cooler Bag
TubeTop 2.0 Can Tube Cooler Bag

TubeTop 2.0 Can Tube Cooler Bag

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NEW STASHERS TubeTop® 2.0 Bike Tube Cooler


In Stock on or around Oct 25, 2017

  • Now TRIPLE insulated for the coldest brews and bevs! 
  • FREE Coozie with each TubeTop®
  • Holds cans with coozies on them - also holds a bidon, water bottle, bomber, or 24 oz Tallboy
  • Durable waterproof tarpaulin 
  • Modular design connects to other TubeTops and bike packing gear

Now in 4 Colors: Black, Blue, Orange and Camo

                Blue  Camo

TubeTop® 2.0 is around the bend! This new round of insulated bags will feature a Large 4-Can TubeTop Bag along with the previously offered Medium and Small versions.

Each tube cooler has been specially designed to accommodate coozies on the cans. The coozies add a second layer of insulation to the tube cooler. One STASHERS Coozie is included FREE with each tube cooler.

The strap design on the TubeTop 2.0® is a key feature  - it offers much more stability and contributes to minimal sway compared to other similar bags on the market. The wide, durable straps reach all the way around the bag allowing added support and stability for your precious cargo. You can tighten the bag to the tube/location as much as possible vs just connecting the straps from the top of the bag. All TubeTops connect together via a unique loop and strap system not used by any other bike bag. The straps tighten securely to just about any location on your bike or to other bike packing gear. They are extra long to allow for you to get creative in attaching our bags to not just bikes but ATVs, Kayaks, and other outdoorsy stuff. Everything will stay cold / warm / dry as you ride to your destination. 

​The unique zipper placement allows for easy access to cans while the tube cooler is safely secured to your top tube or the other tube coolers. You don't need to remove the bag at any time to access the contents.

Are you worried about cans exploding? Don't! We've tested our bags with plenty of bumpy downhill mtb rides and never has a can exploded. You might see a a little foam release if you quickly pop open a can after a ride but nothing tragic. It only takes a minute or two for the cans to settle...if you can wait that long.

When used all together the TubeTops become a modular, insulated,  storage system for all your drinks, food, clothing, extra tubes and anything else you want to bring along. Essentially a great, versatile bike-packing system for your bike.

First of its kind. Modular system. Now TRIPLE insulated!